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Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2010;3(5):528-533

Case Report
A case of retiform-hemangioendothelioma with unusual presentation and aggressive
clinical features

Guiying Zhang, Qianjin Lu, Heng Yin, Haiquan Wen,  Yuwen Su,  Daiqiang Li, Rong Xiao

Departments of Anatomical Pathology, Surgery and 3Medical Oncology, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia

Received April 12, 2010, accepted May 3, 2010, available online May 12, 2010

Abstract: Retiform hemangioendothelioma(RH) is an extremely rare low-grade angiosarcoma mainly involving the skin and subcutaneous
tissue. Clinically patients often present with an asymptomatic slow-growing solitary nodular or plaque-like lesion. RH is characterized by
frequent local recurrences but a very low metastatic rate. Here we reported a case of RH in a 61-year-old Chinese woman who presented with
a rapid growing cutaneous plaque-like lesion on her right scalp, followed by another lesion behind the right ear. The lesions were associated
with paroxysmal sharp needle-stabbing like headache. She underwent wide excision and skin engraftment. Three months post surgery, she
experienced tumor recurrence, and died 9 months after the initial diagnosis. (IJCEP1004002).

Key words: Retiform hemangioendothelioma, headache, recurrence

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