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Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2011;4(7):674-682

Original Article
Co-expression of metalloproteinases 11 and 12 in cervical scrapes cells from cervical
precursor lesions

Alejandra Valdivia, Raúl Peralta, Manuel Matute-González, Juan Manuel García Cebada, Ivonne Casasola, Cristina Jiménez-Medrano, Rogelio
Aguado-Pérez, Vanessa Villegas, Cesar González-Bonilla, Leticia Manuel-Apolinar, Miguel Ibáñez, Mauricio Salcedo

Laboratorio de Oncología Genómica, UIMEO, Hospital de Oncología, CMN-SXXI. IMSS; Educación Medica Continua, CMN-SXXI, IMSS;
Departamento de Patología, Hospital de Gineco-obstetricia No. 3, CMN La Raza, IMSS; Clinica de Colposcopia, Hospital de Gineco-obstetricia
No. 4 LCA, IMSS; Departamento de Patología, Hospital de Gineco-obstetricia No. 4 LCA, IMSS; Unidad de Salud Publica, DLVIE CMN La Raza,
IMSS; UIMEE, Hospital de Especialidades, CMN-SXXI, IMSS; Laboratorio de Biomembranas, Departamento de Bioquímica, ENCB-IPN
*Alejandra Valdivia is a Ph.D. Student at Programa de Biomedicina y Biotecnología Molecular, ENCB-IPN

Received August 29, 2011; accepted October 7, 2011; Epub October 12, 2011; published October 31, 2011

Abstract: The metalloproteinases (MMP) 11 and 12 have been shown to be expressed in cervical cancer (CC). In order to extend our previous
results, these MMPs were evaluated in cervical precursor lesions. One hundred seventeen cervical scrapes: thirty-six normal, thirty-six Low
grade squamous lesions (LSIL), thirty-six High grade (HSIL), nine  CC; and, also ninety-nine paraffin-embedded cervical lesions: fifteen normal
cervices, thirty eight LSIL, sixteen HSIL, and five CC were collected. The samples were analyzed for relative expression by real time RT-PCR or
immunohistochemistry assay. We were able to identify a relative increased expression of MMP11 in 75% and 78% from LSIL and HSIL
samples, respectively. While MMP12 expression was 64% and 75% in LSIL and HSIL, respectively. Positive samples for MMP11 expression
were also positive for MMP12 expression and also increased according to illness progression. In the tissues, MMP11 or MMP12 expression
was observed in the cytoplasm of the neoplastic cells, while in the normal epithelium was absent. The reaction was always stronger for MMP12
than MMP11. MMP11 expression was present in 77% and 66% of LSIL and HSIL, while MMP12 expression was 73% and 68%. There was a
relationship between MMP11 or MMP12 expression and HPV infection. Our data are showing a relationship between diagnostic of precursor
lesions and the MMP11 and 12 expressions, suggesting that their expression could be an early event in the neoplastic lesions of the cervix and
could have clinical significance. (IJCEP1108021).

Keywords: MMP11, MMP12, cervical lesions, RT-PCR, immunohistochemistry, HPV

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