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Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2013;6(5):926-931

Original Article
Diffuse hyperplastic mesothelial cells in multiple lymph nodes: case report with review
of the literature

Libo Peng, Qin Shen, Xia Liu, Jiandong Wang, Shanshan Shi, Bo Yu, Xiaojun Zhou

Department of Pathology, Jinling Hospital, Nanjing University School of Medicine, Clinical Medical School of Southern Medical University,
Nanjing, China; Department of Pathology, Xuzhou Central Hospital, Xuzhou, China. The authors contributed equally.

Received March 15, 2013; Accepted March 30, 2013; Epub April 15, 2013; Published May 1, 2013

Abstract: We report a case of diffuse hyperplastic mesothelial cells in multiple lymph nodes. Microscopically, the lymph nodes had a normal
follicular pattern. The lymphatic sinus was extremely expanded, within the sinuses the epithelial-like cells proliferated actively in the form of
sheets and clusters. Epithelioid-like cells had eosinophilic cytoplasm, prominent nucleoli and vesicular nuclei. Mitotic figures were rarely
observed. These cells were immunopositive for Calretinin, CK5/6, D2-40, MC and Ckpan and immunonegative for S-100, HMB45, MelanA,
TTF-1, CDX-2, Villin, ALK, CD30, CD20, CD3, CD1a and CD68. In addition, during a 22 months follow-up period failed to identify any malignant
neoplasms, thus confirming the benign nature of these cells. It is the first reported case of diffuse hyperplastic of mesothelial cells mainly in
the cervical lymph nodes associated with systemic multiple lymph node involvement. Awareness of this event is important for the pathologist in
preventing the misdiagnosis of malignancy. (IJCEP1303032).

Keywords: Hyperplastic mesothelial cell, lymph nodes, serous effusions, differential diagnosis

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