Volume 13, Number 2:107-331;2020
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology

Ilknur Calik, Muhammet Calik, Gulistan Turken, Ibrahim Hanifi Ozercan: A promising independent prognostic biomarker in colorectal cancer: P2X7 receptor. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):107-121. (Full text, PDF).

Hu-Fang Yuan, Yong Li, Bi-Bo Tan, Qun Zhao, Li-Qiao Fan, Zhao-Jie An: Inhibitory effect of siRNA-Annexin A7 on growth, migration, and invasion in BGC823 cells and gastric cancer xenograftsin nude mice. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):122-131. (Full text, PDF).

Juan Wu, Ying Liu, Yaling Ma, Rui Wang, Xiaokun Ji, Yan Zhang, Yun Du: Interaction between CXCR4 and EGFR and downstream PI3K/AKT pathway in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells and transplanted tumor in nude mice. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):132-141. (Full text, PDF).

Yanling Song, Huade Mai, Yunyun Lin, Yachun Wang, Xiaoxi Wang, Shenhong Gu: MiR-144 affects proliferation and apoptosis of high glucose-induced AC16 cardiomyocytes by regulating CTRP3/JNK signaling. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):142-152. (Full text, PDF).

Liang Zhou, Xiaoling Hang, Lei Xie: Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) functions as a pivotal target in latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1)-mediated nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell proliferation. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):153-162. (Full text, PDF).

Jin-Liang Chen, Hui-Na Han, Xue-Dong Lv, Hang Ma, Jin-Nan Wu, Jian-Rong Chen: Clinical value of exhaled breath condensate let-7 in non-small cell lung cancer. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):163-171. (Full text, PDF).

Ying Su, Feng Wang, Qi Hu, Yixin Qu, Ying Han: Arsenic trioxide inhibits proliferation of retinal pigment epithelium by downregulating expression of extracellular matrix and p27. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):172-178. (Full text, PDF).

Qingmei Meng, Guifeng Yang, Yu Yang, Fucheng Ding, Fengxian Hu: Protective effects of histone deacetylase inhibition by Scriptaid on brain injury in neonatal rat models of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):179-191. (Full text, PDF).

Zhi-Hui Hu, Yang-Yang Kong, Jun-Jie Ren, Ting-Juan Huang, Yan-Qin Wang, Li-Xin Liu: Kidney and lung tissue modifications after BDL-induced liver injury in mice are associated with increased expression of IGFBPrP1 and activation of the NF-κB inflammation pathway. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):192-202. (Full text, PDF).

Riping Wu, Chunmei Shi, Qiang Chen, Fan Wu, Qiaolian Li: Detection of circulating tumor cell DNA for monitoring advanced gastric cancer. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):203-211. (Full text, PDF).

Lan Li, Yan Zheng, Weihua Zhang, Limin Hou, Ying Gao: Scutellarin circumvents chemoresistance, promotes apoptosis, and represses tumor growth by HDAC/miR-34a-mediated down-modulation of Akt/mTOR and NF-κB-orchestrated signaling pathways in multiple myeloma. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):212-219. (Full text, PDF).

Quan Li, He Wang, Chunfang Zhang, Rui Tong, Huijun Chen, Rui Qie: Ethyl acetate extract of sappanwood alleviates experimental atherosclerosis in rats through changes in FGF21 and SREBP-2 expression. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):220-229. (Full text, PDF).

Jia Ge, Michael Y Liu, Lei Li, Qing Deng, Feng Liu, Ying Luo, Lihong Wang, Guangyin Yao, Dandan Zhu, Huimin Lu, Mei Liang, Song Deng, Rong Zhou, Tao Luo: Detection of IDH1 and TERT promoter mutations with droplet digital PCR in diffuse gliomas. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):230-238. (Full text, PDF).

Shangjie Yang, Yanping Liang, Haihong Qian, Qiuhong Li: TTLL12 expression in ovarian cancer correlates with a poor outcome. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):239-247. (Full text, PDF).

Ben-Jian Gao, Jia Luo, Ying Liu, Fu-Rui Zhong, Qing-Xi Guo, Fang-Yi Peng, Xiao-Li Yang, Song Su, Bo Li: Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm (SPN) of the pancreas presenting with ascites misdiagnosed as pancreatic tuberculosis: a case report and literature review. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):248-253. (Full text, PDF).

Tingzhen Xu, Lu Wang, Linshui Zhou, Zhen Wang, Yuanhong Zhu, Fanghe Ju: Primary colorectal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma initially presenting with pleural effusion: report of one case and review of literature. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):254-260. (Full text, PDF).

Mengyao Liu, Shuaichen Liu, Jinping Zhan, Weiyi Chen, Ping Yang, Huihui Zhou: Mixed malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in the inguinal region: a case report. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):261-265. (Full text, PDF).

Min Jeong Song, Kyu Yeoun Won, Soonchan Park: Clear cell chondrosarcoma of the talus in Von Hippel-Lindau disease: a rare tumor in an unusual location and uncommon co-presentation. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):266-271. (Full text, PDF).

Ju-Ji Dai, Chun-Sheng Qu, Wei Wang, Yi-Bing Wang, Xin-Wu Mao, Qing-Shui Li, Jing-Feng Chen: Primary anorectal malignant melanoma: a case report. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):272-276. (Full text, PDF).

Wei Huang, Yaqin Xiong, Yali Chen, Yan Cheng, Rurong Wang: NOX2 is involved in CB2-mediated protection against lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):277-285. (Full text, PDF).

Lun Tan, Xinyu Su, Xun Li, Hai Li, Bo Hu: Correlation of HER2 codon 655 polymorphism with cardiotoxicity risk in Chinese HER2-positive breast cancer patients undergoing epirubicin/cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel plus trastuzumab adjuvant chemotherapy. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):286-294. (Full text, PDF).

Yiru Wang, Jiayu Shi, Qian Zheng, Bing Shi, Zhonglin Jia: Gene-gene interactions between BMP4 and ARHGAP29 among non-syndromic cleft lip only (NSCLO) trios from western Han Chinese population. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):295-301. (Full text, PDF).

Chen-Zhao Lin, Bi-Ru Qi, Jian-Su Hu, Xiu-Qiong Huang: A fetus with Kabuki syndrome 2 detected by chromosomal microarray analysis. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):302-306. (Full text, PDF).

Asrar Mohammed Abdullah Abdulaziz, Lu Liu, Yu Sun, Xuewu You, Baoxia Cui, Sai Han, Youzhong Zhang: Clinicopathologic significance and treatment of ASC-US in cervical cytology. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):307-316. (Full text, PDF).

Jianhua Wu, Naifeng Guo, Xiaolan Chen, Changying Xing: Coexistence of micro-inflammatory and macrophage phenotype abnormalities in chronic kidney disease. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):317-323. (Full text, PDF).

Li Zhang, Xingkun Zhang: Downregulated miR-203 attenuates IL-β, IL-6, and TNF-α activation in TRAF6-treated human renal mesangial and tubular epithelial cells.  Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2020;13(2):324-331. (Full text, PDF).
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